I've been interested in dance and theatre since I was a child.
In 1988 I moved to New York, to study at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, where I graduated in 1991.

In this internationally renowned school I was chosen to be a dance teacher. Reaching this goal made me realize that this was merely a starting point and my passion for research then led me to go beyond the "discipline of movement".
In 1989 in New York , I met Juliu Horvath for the first time and became familiar with his method, which at that time was referred to as "Yoga for Dancers" (now it is called

Very similar to the Grahm Techinique, Horvath's method was much more than Yoga and, most of all, it was a deep connection between breathing, movement, and energy. I kept attending his courses during my studies in dance, Pilates and other techniques and then returned to Italy in 1993 with a totally new conception of the body and all its possibilities. That is why, together with my dancing and teaching activity (at Laban Centre in London, Ials in Rome, Teatro S. Carlo in Naples) I took the path that allowed me to achieve in all these years the following Certifications:

Thanks to the experience that I acquired in this field during my several years of activity and the qualification achieved, I'm able to work in my studio with people of all levels and physical conditions, as a MASTER TRAINER, to prepare new teachers in GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS of Level I and II, all GYROTONIC SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENTS and to be one of the few Master Trainer in the world honored by the title of SPECIALIZED MASTER TRAINER, authorized to conduct worldwide GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS Final Certification Courses.


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